May 23, 2018


Showing: Friday, June 29 at 7:30 PM
Year: 2018

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On June 29th Rivertown Film salutes the movies’ long fascination with ‘life on the other side’ at Historic Hauntings of Rockland, an otherworldly evening led by one of the region’s foremost leaders in paranormal investigations. Everyone loves a great ghost story, and Rockland County has a rich history of places and homes where sightings have been reported. Ken Decosta has over 40 years experience in the field and his amazing team, Rise Up Paranormal, is right now investigating the history of some of the oldest homes and most renowned hauntings in Rockland County. At Rivertown Film’s Historic Hauntings of Rockland they will report the results of their documentary research along with audio and video recordings from their visits to each location. If all goes well, these intrepid investigators will reveal the truth of who has been unable to ‘cross over’, and perhaps the reasons why. Whether the spirits cooperate or not, an entertaining, historical, and at times chilling evening is assured for all.

Spirit Medium Tiffany Rice will also join in the evening doing Gallery readings from the audience, and additional insight into local history will be provided by John Patrick Shutz, Nyack Village Historian. Light refreshment from Nyack Gourmet is included for the price of a ticket and wine will be available for a small donation.

Event Sponsor: BGH Rand Real Estate

Buffet Sponsor: Nyack Gourmet
Spirits Sponsor: El Buho Mezcal

Tickets are $75 ($55 is tax deductible), or $65 for members ($45 is tax deductible). Buy before June 22 for $65.










Rise Up Paranormal: right to left, top and bottom
Ken DeCosta, Founder and Director; Chris Blanchette, Researcher and Historian; Julie DeMay, Video Specialist; Cody Ray DesBiens, Tech Specialist; Vin Pacheco, Investigator; Tiffany Rice, Spirit Medium