December 12, 2017

Movies in Genre Epics/Historical

Rivertown Film Sponsors THE BUTLER, with Lafayette Theatre and African American Historical Society

Cecil Gaines was a sharecropper's son who grew up in the 1920s as a domestic servant for a family who casually destroyed his. Striking out on his own, Cecil was a valet of such efficiency and discretion that he became a butler in the White House, where he served numerous US Presidents over the … [Read more...]


Meet the Filmmaker: Discussion with Director John Sayles, moderated by Susanna Styron. With U.S. troops occupying his village during the Philippine-American War, the mayor comes under pressure to help the Americans in their hunt for guerrilla fighters. The mayor’s brother, the head of the local … [Read more...]


A Western that captures the immense hardships and strange, frightening lands faced by early pioneers—a far cry from the macho world of John Wayne. Three families, guided by the enigmatic Stephen Meek, are lost along the Oregon Trail, facing hunger, thirst, and exhaustion. When a Native American … [Read more...]

VISION: From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen

Renowned director Margarethe von Trotta’s portrayal of the 12th century Benedict nun, an extraordinary mystic, composer, writer, healer and ecological activist. Barbara Sukowa captures von Bingen’s fierce determination to expand women’s roles within the order, despite outrage from the Church. Lushly … [Read more...]


A vintage “girl power” tale based on the true story of 187 female sewing machine operators at a Ford plant sweatshop in 1968, whose threat to strike eventually led the British Parliament to pass an Equal Pay Act. Starring award-winner Sally Hawkins as Rita, their fast-talking, fiery-tempered leader … [Read more...]

The Most Dangerous Man

THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA: DANIEL ELLSBERG AND THE PENTAGON PAPERS The gripping story of Daniel Ellsberg, a top Pentagon analyst who in 1971 risked life in prison when he leaked classified documents about Vietnam to The New York Times, revealing the secret history (and government lies) … [Read more...]


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Cadillac Records

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Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion

Presented by the Takster Foundation Cosponsored by Rivertown Film Hosted by Jonathan Demme … [Read more...]

Talk to Me

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