September 22, 2021


Showing: Wednesday, September 19 – 8:00 PM
Title: A Separation
Year: 2011
Country: Iran
Genre: ,
Actors: ,,

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A Separation quietly and shrewdly combines elements of family melodrama and legal thriller. Simin wants to leave Iran with her daughter; her husband, Nader, insists on staying to care for his frail father. Their dilemma plays out in an Iranian courtroom, not the ideal place to discuss intimate matters. A portrait of the slipperiness of truth, the film presents a society divided by sex, generation, religion and class. 2011, Iran, 123 minutes, in Persian with English subtitles, rated PG-13.

Awarded the 2012 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

Stay for a post-film discussion with Sharon Klempner, Couples, Children and Family Counseling and Mediation, and Dr. Kenneth Silvestri, Marriage and Family Psychotherapist.

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“The movie has such a profound and compassionate understanding of human behavior, family ties and the way ordinary people respond when they’re forced into a moral quandary, I can’t imagine anyone not being transfixed by it.” –Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald

“The film is a singular achievement, a piece of realist cinema with the pull of a suspense thriller.” – Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

“A Separation is totally foreign and achingly familiar. It’s a thrilling domestic drama that offers acute insights into human motivations and behavior as well as a compelling look at what goes on behind a particular curtain that almost never gets raised.” – Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times