September 23, 2021


Showing: Wednesday, November 11 – 8 PM
Title: Best of Enemies
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Director: ,

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Bestof300In the summer of 1968, ABC hired liberal Gore Vidal and conservative William F. Buckley to conduct a series of televised debates during the Republican and Democratic Conventions. The nasty personal volleys between the two Patrician intellectuals made for riveting viewing. These blue-bloods had previous, unsuccessful runs for office in New York state, and they believed each other’s ideas were dangerous for America. Their heated debates were a harbinger of our current cable-news shouting matches. USA, 2015, 87 minutes, documentary

Stay for a discussion after the film with Greg Mitchell (Editor & Publisher, The Nation, Crawdaddy), who writes on politics, political campaigns, culture, and history.

“There could scarcely be any documentary more enticing, scintillating and downright fascinating than Best of Enemies.” – Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter

“It’s not just a great documentary, it’s a vital one… ” – Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine

“A must-view film for our media-besotted age…” – Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

“In giving historical context to the poisonous nature of our oft-bemoaned political discourse, “Best of Enemies” showcases brainy bloodsport with humor, nostalgia and, appropriately, a lacing of melancholy…” Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times

“87 of the liveliest, most engaging minutes of the year.” – Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune