September 26, 2021


Showing: Wednesday, May 11 – 8:00 PM
Title: CHI-RAQ
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Actors: ,,,

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Chi-Raq300The war in this film is waged by black men upon other black men. Set in present day Chicago, with a nod to the ancient Greek play “Lysistrata,” the combatants are rival gangs who violently run their respective ‘hoods. Their women decide to end the bloodshed by refusing to have sex, leaving the men desperate and tumescent. Written in verse, with exuberant set pieces and musical numbers, it is by turns fiercely funny and deadly sincere. 2015, USA, 127 minutes, rated R

“Bitches, it’s always a good month in America for an antigun movie. The newest, Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq, might be the best ever. It’s sexy, brash, and potent — a powerful weapon in its own right…” – David Edelstein, New York Magazine

“Chi-Raq is a marvel. It’s Lee resurrecting his voice — angry, impassioned, and funny as hell — right when we need to hear it…” – Amy Nicholson, Village Voice

“The laughs in Spike Lee’s corrosive Chi-Raq burn like acid. Urgent, surreal, furious, funny and wildly messy, the movie sounds like an invitation to defeat, but it’s an improbable triumph that finds Mr. Lee doing his best work in years…” ­– Manhola Dargis, The New York Times