September 26, 2021

DRACULA (1931) with live musical accompaniment, presented with ArtsRock and Arts Angels

Showing: Thursday, October 25 – 7:00 PM
Title: Dracula
Year: 1931
Country: USA

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Dracula is the first and one of the most famous of a storied and long line of horror films made by Universal Studios. It is eclipsed perhaps only by Frankenstein, which began our Halloween series of classic horror three years ago. Despite numerous remakes this remains the definitive Dracula, thanks to Bela Lugosi’s legendary portrayal of the Count. Like Nosferatu, which was presented at this annual event last year, Dracula will be accompanied on electronic theater organ by master silent film accompanist Ben Model. Presented by ArtsRock, Arts Angels, and Rivertown Film. USA, 1931, 75 minutes.

Tickets: $20 Adults / $10 Students / $15 Rivertown Film and Arts Angels Members, sponsored by Rockland Tourism.

Though Dracula has recorded dialogue, it was made before the musical scores were added to soundtracks. This presentation will feature live musical accompaniment by Ben Model, the resident accompanist for the Museum of Modern Art and the Library of Congress, playing theatre organ. A film historian, Ben has restored numerous forgotten silent comedies and released them on his own DVD label.

“The basic horror behind Count Dracula and his vampire brethren come from how they violates the normal bounds of human intimacy… He has no moral boundaries, for men or women, and that bite and cold embrace mark his victims as those who’ve transgressed society and become the mysterious, sinister other. Bela Lugosi is a cinch to embody this. His rigid, theatrical manner allows him to devour scenery as easily as Dracula devours beautiful young men and women. Lugosi knew that Dracula was a horrifying beast who spent his waking hours desperately trying to fit in with human society, his every movement measured to give the appearance of nobility and charm. Whenever that facade breaks, that’s when Dracula is at his weakest.” –

“Lugosi draws close to the sleeping Lucy, and all of the elements of the material draw together. We consider the dreadful trade-off: immortality, but as a vampire. From our point of view, Dracula is committing an unspeakable crime. From his, offering an unspeakable gift.” – Roger Ebert, Great Movies