September 22, 2021

ROCKLAND IN MOTION: Short Films with Roots in Rockland

Showing: September 16 through October 13, continuous
Title: ROCKLAND IN MOTION: Short Films with Roots in Rockland
Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: ,

 A series of 20 short films made by filmmakers with roots in Rockland County

Sponsored by Emerald Medicare


Filmmakers have been living and working in Rockland County since early in the silent era, some providing their talents to the commercial film and television industries, others working independently, and many doing both. Some consider themselves primarily as artists, often working in disciplines such as visual art, dance, or poetry, as well as film. Others see film as an extension of journalism. And many focus on specific skills that earn them a living, such as directing, producing, cinematography, and editing. We hope that Rockland in Motion will remind you that a wide range of filmmakers live and work in our communities, that they contribute to local culture and commerce, and that making and understanding visual media is an important part of a good education.

The line-up in Rockland in Motion includes veteran filmmakers alongside first time and early career filmmakers. They create in a variety of genres including music video, drama, comedy, and documentary. Some of these films were produced virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic, in a statement of human resourcefulness and a refusal to stop creating. Quite a few incorporate dance, a form of art that, like film, is an art of movement.

Rockland in Motion is divided into two parts of approximately an hour each, with each part streaming continuously for two weeks. The filmmakers have provided introductions of thirty seconds or less that run before their film. Information on where in the program each film begins will be provided, to make each film easy to find and return to.

The filmmakers have generously provided their work for very modest stipends. The two programs may be watched for free, but if you are able, please help Rivertown Film keep the art of film and local filmmaking in focus in our region by making a donation.

Rivertown Film is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that relies on donations, memberships, ticket sales, sponsorships and grants to present its programming. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Films exist to be seen. Generally we have local access to only the most commercially acceptable films, and Rockland County lacks an independent arthouse that will expose residents to the best in foreign and independent cinema. Since 2001, Rivertown Film has been filling that void. Please help us continue.

Part One of Rockland in Motion streams from September 16th through September 29, with a public Zoom Q&A on September 23rd.

Part Two of Rockland in Motion streams from September 30th through October 13, with a public Zoom Q&A on October 7th.

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