January 21, 2022


Showing: Wed. May 13 - Tues. May 19 anytime
Year: 2019
Country: UK
Genre: ,
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A former laborer and his home-attendant wife—who lost their home in the 2008 financial crash—are desperate to get out of their financial distress. When a job comes up as a delivery driver they sell their only asset, a car, to buy a van and the dream of someday owning a delivery franchise. Instead, they are pushed closer to the edge. Capturing the sacred moments of being a family as well as the acts of desperation needed to make it through each day, this is all too universal a story about the dark side of the “gig economy.” 2019, UK, 100 minutes.


This film will stream continuously from Wednesday, May 13 through Tuesday, May 19. ALL tickets are $12 (no member discounts). Tickets are good for viewing the film for 5 days after the purchase. From the “virtual box office” you will register and enter a credit card. After you submit your order you will receive a receipt AND a link to the film in one email. DO NOT LOSE this email, as this link will allow you to see the film. If you do not see the email please check your spam folder. If you do not receive the email, your order probably did not process correctly. Please write to film@rivertownfilm.org if you have a problem.

“Critic’s Pick. Brutally moving… [Ken Loach is] one of Earth’s most venerable and venerated directors. He’s almost without peer as a filmmaker formidably committed to exposing the sins of our wages… You believe this family. You believe in them. There are also all kinds of meaningful, seemingly disposable smart details… Globalism’s faceless grind couldn’t be more local, more personal… The movie’s as pungent as PARASITE… But life: that’s the tragedy.” – Wesley Morris, The New York Times

“It’s difficult to imagine a more socially engaged or powerful condemnation of the exploitative gig economy than Ken Loach’s SORRY WE MISSED YOU.” – Pat Brown, Slant

“FIVE STARS! Ken Loach raises his game yet further with this gut-wrenching tale of a delivery worker driven to the brink…It’s fierce, open and angry, unironised and unadorned… This brilliant film will focus minds.” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“Ken Loach delivers one of his best films… a drama of such searing human empathy and heartbreak that its climactic scenes may actually impede your breathing. (This) riveting new film lays bare the unsparing predation of the gig economy in which even the staunchest work ethic is no match for reality. A number of individual scenes late in the action are simply shattering, offering prime illustrations of what Loach does best. The extraordinary Hitchen…anchors the drama with wrenching authenticity. An expertly judged and profoundly humane movie. You’d have to be made of stone not to be moved to your core by it.”
– David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter