May 18, 2022

TAKE THIS WALTZ (rescheduled)

Showing: Wednesday, November 28 ­– 8:00 at the Nyack Center
Title: Sarah Polley
Year: 2011
Country: Canada
Genre: ,
Actors: ,,

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Margot is a young wife, torn between the husband she knows and loves, and the stranger she desires in ways she doesn’t yet comprehend. The one sure thing is that someone is going to get hurt. A study of ambivalence in marriage (and in other relationships). 2011, Canada, 116 minutes, rated R

“Take This Waltz, Sarah Polley’s honest, sure-footed, emotionally generous second feature. Ms. Williams, one of the bravest and smartest actresses working in movies today, portrays a young woman who is indecisive and confused, but never passive.” – A. O. Scott, The New York Times

“As memorable as it is insightful, Take This Waltz is one of the best films of the year.” –  Calvin Wilson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Sarah Polley’s second film is a masterfully painted portrait of an ordinary marriage under threat, dominated by a central performance of exquisite subtlety and observation.” – David Hughes, Empire