September 26, 2021


Showing: Wednesday, March 13 – 8:00 PM
Title: The Intouchables
Year: 2012
Country: France
Genre: ,
Director: ,
Actors: ,,

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IntouchablesWebTwo men—one rich, uptight, and white, and the other poor, free-spirited and black—become unlikely pals. Based on the true story of Phllippe, a paralyzed aristocrat whose employ of the street-wise hoodlum Driss unexpectedly changes both their lives. Their journey to replace antagonism and incomprehension with comfort and consensus is replete with idiosyncrasy and humanity. 2011, France, 112 minutes, rated R

“It’s the kind of movie that inspires word-of-mouth recommendations by speaking the international language of culture clash.” – Joe Williams, St. Louis Post-Dispatch


“It has warmth, humor and an understated sweetness that is not to be taken for granted.” – Rex Reed, New York Observer