January 21, 2022


Showing: Wednesday, June 26 – 8:00 PM
Year: 2017
Country: Sweden/USA
Actors: ,,

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Joan Castleman has been married to celebrated, egotistical writer Joe for years, subjugating her own talents. When he wins the Nobel Prize, they travel to Stockholm, where Joan keeps Joe in line while he and the other all-male winners prepare to receive their glory. Another writer—hoping to be Joe’s official biographer—waits in the wings, picking at family wounds and secrets.

USA/Sweden, 2017, 110 minutes, rated R

Post-screening discussion with Holly Castor (“Please Be Seated”).

Academy Award Nominee: Best Actress

“An unusually good adaptation of an unusually good novel.”—Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

“It is the depths Close lends to Joan that kept me riveted—and angry.”—April Wolfe, Village Voice

“Glenn Close’s perennial look of astonishment and resilience commands the action to the point of turning every other screen element into a gratuitous prop.”—Diego Semerene, Slant Magazine