January 16, 2022

THE WIZARD OF OZ: Outdoors and Free

Showing: Friday, September 8 – 7:40 / Dusk
Title: The Wizard of OZ
Year: 1939
Country: USA
Genre: ,
Actors: ,,,

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A tornado sweeps Dorothy and her little dog Toto away from Aunt Em and Uncle Henry’s hardscrabble farm and drops them in the Land of Oz, a colorful world of munchkins, witches, a brainless scarecrow, a heartless tin man, a cowardly lion, and a powerful wizard. One of cinema’s all-time great coming of age stories, it long ago became a cultural icon. On AFI’s “100 Best” lists, Wizard of Oz is the #3 musical, Somewhere Over the Rainbow is the #1 song, and the Wicked Witch of the West is the #4 villain of all time. See it with a few hundred friends, outdoors and under the stars, at the Artopee Way Drive-In (Artopee Way Municipal Parking Lot) in downtown Nyack. USA, 1939, 102 minutes. FREE



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Thank you to the Village of Nyack