September 21, 2021


Showing: Wednesday, April 27 — 8:00 PM
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Genre: ,
Actors: ,,,

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Meet the Filmmakers: Indian film star and renown cookbook author Madhur Jaffrey, with Rockland County indie producer Declan Baldwin. Aasif Mandvi (cowriter and star of Today’s Special has been called to work at his regular job as “International Correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and cannot attend. Order your tickets now, and please come a few minutes early. This will be a popular program.

A delightful “foodie” comedy set in the Jackson Heights Indian community, starring Aasif Mandvi (from The Daily Show, and the film’s screenwriter) and Bollywood icons Madhur Jaffrey (also a renowned Indian cookbook author) and Naseeruddin Shah (Monsoon Wedding). An upscale Manhattan chef takes over his family’s rundown restaurant in Queens after his father’s heart attack. A chance encounter with a taxi driver—and worldly master chef—helps him not only salvage the family business but also rediscover his passion for life through the art of Indian cooking. 113 minutes, rated R for language and brief sexuality. Visit:

“Imaginative, warm and witty. . .an irresistible delight. It is alive with a screen full of captivating characters, all written with affection and exquisitely played by a raft of fine actors.”—Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

“A winning comedy set in a New York Indian restaurant sends out engaging characters and great looking food from its kitchen.”—Kurt Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter