March 29, 2017

Movies in Genre Foreign


This biopic about the hot-blooded Chilean poet and leftist politician Pablo Neruda facing an emerging dictatorship in Chile illuminates the endless struggle between political authority and the creative imagination. In 1948, Neruda is engaged in a rhetorical war with Chile’s president, who is moving … [Read more...]


While shooting a difficult film and dealing with an outsized American actor, Margherita learns that her mother is dying. The narrartive shifts between her different states of consciousness— reveries and reminiscences. Her life, her mother and her movie may be falling apart, but Margherita holds on, … [Read more...]

Cancellation/Rescheduling: THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH, presented by the Hopper House Art Center

RESCHEDULED FOR SUNDAY, JULY 10, 8:00. Rivertown Film joins the Edward Hopper House Art Center, Kiam Records and Festoon to present a screening of The Man Who Fell to Earth, in tribute to the late David Bowie. SUNDAY, July 10, 8:00 PM, in the Hopper House garden. $12 General Admission $8 … [Read more...]


  This serio-comic exploration of cross-dressing, gender fluidity and desire is by turns mischievous, sentimental and silly. Claire’s best friend Laura dies, leaving behind a baby and grieving husband, David. Soon after, Claire discovers David’s secret: that he cross-dresses in Laura’s … [Read more...]


A sensitive and devastating portrait of a long, happy marriage in sudden crisis. Retirees Kate and Geoff live a comfortable life until the past intrudes in an unnerving manner, forcing them to reassess how well they really know each other. When the body of Geoff’s old girlfriend is discovered, the … [Read more...]


In an Alpine resort, two aging male artists - and best friends - confront their twilight years. Fred, a prominent composer, is being wooed out of retirement by the British royal family, while Mick, a filmmaker, is working on what he hopes will be his final masterpiece. A poignant meditation on the … [Read more...]


TICKETS WILL NOT BE SOLD ONLINE AFTER 3:00 ON SATURDAY, HOWEVER TICKETS WILL STILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR STARTING AT 7:30. Five free-spirited sisters live with their grandparents in rural Turkey. After an innocent romp with boys on the beach, violating the harsh strictures of their society, … [Read more...]

MACISTE ALL’INFERNO with live score by SEXMOB, presented by Edward Hopper House Art Center and Rivertown Film

The devil takes Maciste the Strongman down to hell in an attempt to corrupt and ruin his morality. Maciste was the hero of 13 early Italian films. This was the last made in the silent era, and is the most famous. “I’m sure that I remember it well because the image has remained so deeply impressed … [Read more...]


A quietly furious exploration of life under Islamist rule, this film explores day to day existence in the desert city of Timbuktu, Mali. The members of the militia who exert their control are shown to be bullying, sadistic hypocrites, indifferent to local customs and language. But the beauty in this … [Read more...]


Marieme, a teenage girl of African descent, lives on the outskirts of Paris. She seems dutiful, self-effacing. Then she meets Lady, the leader of a girl gang, and her life changes. Marieme’s liberation is real, but in this world she’s still subject to male authority. The film reveals the general … [Read more...]


The night, a man, his car, and his phone make up the whole of this tight, tense, solo road movie. Ivan, a foreman whose predicament is revealed via a series of phone conversations with family, co-workers, and assorted others, is shown mostly in medium close-up and always in his car. The journey … [Read more...]


Based on actual events, the film relates the uneasy coalition between striking Welsh mineworkers and gay activists from London during Margaret Thatcher’s reign in the ‘80s. Bound by their shared repression, the two groups tentatively begin to work together. While their alliance isn’t free of … [Read more...]


In a blue-collar city in Belgium, Sandra, a working mother, returns to her job after a medical leave only to find that the company has offered her co-workers a bonus if she is laid off; if they refuse, she can keep her job.  Sandra is given a weekend to persuade her colleagues to make a large … [Read more...]


Shortly before taking her vows, an orphaned novitiate in 1950s Poland, meets an aunt she didn’t know existed. Wanda’s entrance into Ida’s circumscribed life brings shocking news that changes everything, and this revelation begets a journey—both literal and figurative. Poland’s history during World … [Read more...]


A frank look at the regrets and underappreciated rewards of timeworn love and companionship during a 30th anniversary weekend in Paris. Meg and Nick travel from London and bounce between harmony and discord. At very different places in their lives and psyches, they each confront a catalyst in the … [Read more...]


At 7:30 enjoy live Bluegrass from THE MOUNTAIN OYSTERS. Film at 8:00. COME EARLY!  (see below) Banjo player Didier and tatoo artist Elise lead a happy life— until they learn that their young daughter has cancer. Traditional bluegrass songs of loss and grief provide an affecting context for the … [Read more...]


After their African village has been decimated and their parents slain, the children are kidnapped, conscripted into a rebel army, and trained to be soldiers under a warlord known as “The Great Tiger.” The story unfolds as a magical realistic fable, narrated by girl named Komona, who is 12 when the … [Read more...]


Hunger of all kinds drives every character in this film about damaged souls trying desperately to heal. Ali and his son flee to Antibes, where their hardscrabble existence continues. Stephanie is a trainer of killer whales; after she suffers a catastrophic accident, these two broken people forge a … [Read more...]


The theme of identities switched at birth is an old and powerful one, and it begs the question: is who you are determined by your biological inheritance or by the influence of your environment? Joseph and Yassin live on the opposite sides of the Israeli-Palestinian divide. When it is revealed that … [Read more...]


Two men—one rich, uptight, and white, and the other poor, free-spirited and black—become unlikely pals. Based on the true story of Phllippe, a paralyzed aristocrat whose employ of the street-wise hoodlum Driss unexpectedly changes both their lives. Their journey to replace antagonism and … [Read more...]