Rivertown Film Society is devoted to celebrating, exploring and promoting the art of the motion picture through film screenings and educational programs.

Activities in support of this mission are intended to enhance audience appreciation of the motion picture, encourage support for filmmakers and the local film community, provide educational programs related to the art and craft of motion pictures and to help build the cinematic arts audience of the future.

The Rivertown Film Society is proud to have been recognized at the
2002 County Executive Arts Awards, where we were named:

  • Best Arts Organization: Rivertown Film Society
  • Supporter of the Arts: Director- Kristina Burn

Creative Advisory Board
Declan Baldwin
Bill Batson
Ellen Burstyn
Didi Conn
Jonathan Demme (1944-2017)
Alex Gibney
Rich Guay
Bill Irwin
Sakina Jaffrey
Ellen Kuras
Ric Pantale
Nancy Savoca
David Shire
Susanna Styron
Sam Waymon
Kristi Zea

Board of Directors
Board Chairperson: Roger Seiler
Vice Chair: Vera Aronow
Secretary: Elliot Siegal
Treasurer: Betsy Hastedt
Alma Richmond
Bea Pohl
Deborah Silverstein
Susan Shapiro
Patricia Schneider
Emily Blake
Judith Peacock
Suzanne Mitchell
Mark Brownstein
Robert C. A. Sorensen
Oscar Gonzalez-Barreto
Scott Fine

Executive Director: Matthew Seig

Technical Services
Martiny Jean-Baptist

Jim Chin – Paintersmith
Website: Doug Foster, Foster Solutions Inc.

Graphic Design
Sam Smith – PainterSmith
Marilan Lund

Administrative Assistance and Social Media
Kimberly Fennell – Entertainment Business Support

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