January 21, 2022

Movies with Comedy

RATATOUILLE free, under the stars and by the river

Despite his sensational sniffer and sophisticated palate, Remy's dreams of becoming a chef seem hopeless due to one small detail--he's a rat! Through a twist of fate, he ends up in the world-famous restaurant of his late hero, Auguste Gusteau. With a dash of culinary courage and the help from his … [Read more...]


A woman born in China but raised in the U.S. returns for a visit, to find that the beloved matriarch of the family has only a few weeks left to live. Not wanting to upset the elderly woman, the entire family has agreed to keep this a secret from her. To explain why family members are gathering they … [Read more...]

RUMORS by Neil Simon, live at Elmwood to benefit Rivertown Film

ONLINE ticket sales have ended, but tickets will be available at the door. An evening of live theater to benefit Rivertown Film. Elmwood Playhouse (10 Park Street, Nyack) Presents RUMORS Written by Neil Simon Directed by Kathy C. Gnazzo Most of Neil Simon’s hit films (such as Barefoot in … [Read more...]


Cassius, an African American striver living in Oakland, works at a telemarketing firm. He’s told to “stick to the script” but soon his rise, fall and bizarre sideways bounces take him on a Faustian journey, trading his integrity for professional and material gain. A satirical portrait of a young man … [Read more...]

WEATHER CANCELLATION!!! COCO, Main Street Movies presented by the Village of Nyack, FREE

COCO HAS BEEN CANCELED DUE TO THE EXPECTATION OF RAIN BEGINNING AT 8:00. Despite his family’s baffling generations-old ban on performing music, Miguel dreams of becoming a musician. Desperate to prove his talent, he enters into the stunning Land of the Dead through the tomb of his ancestors, … [Read more...]


An eccentric, comic shocker about the iron-fisted Soviet ruler who racked up countless crimes against humanity, and his world of ashes and blood. When he falls ill and hovers near death, his toadies—Khrushchev among them—scurry around, organizing his funeral and engaging in a theatre of sycophancy, … [Read more...]


Michal is blindsided by her fiancé when he calls off their wedding with only a month’s notice. Unwilling to return to single life, she puts her trust in fate. She enlists matchmakers, books a venue, buys a dress, sends invitations, and resists pleas by family and friends to reconsider her plan. As … [Read more...]


The six members of the Commune, an improv troupe struggling to stay afloat in Manhattan, dream of breaking into television. When one of them is cast in a Saturday Night Live-like program, anxiety and competitiveness threaten to destroy their cozy unity. Concerns about their “expiration dates” in the … [Read more...]

BACK TO THE FUTURE, CANCELED in Memorial Park, Nyack

  SORRY, THIS SCREENING HAS BEEN CANCELED. CHECK BACK AGAIN FOR INFORMATION ON OUTDOOR SCREENINGS IN AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER.  1980s teenager Marty McFly steps into a tricked out DeLorean time machine owned by the local mad scientist and ends up in 1955. Now he has to make sure his parents meet … [Read more...]


The “hero” of this film is a dachshund who goes by several different names and has a variety of owners. This anthology of darkly comic vignettes follows the canine through a dizzying array of experiences, from narrowly escaping being euthanized to being strapped with explosives. His dignity provides … [Read more...]

MARY POPPINS (raindate) Free at Artopee Way Drive In

In stuffy old London, a super-nanny descends (from the sky, via umbrella) on a dysfunctional family with precocious children and proceeds to employ some rather remarkable skills, a bit of magic, and a teaspoon of sugar, to improve their lives. This classic musical received a record (in its day) 13 … [Read more...]


HOT, STORMY AND GENERALLY UNSTABLE WEATHER is keeping the sheep in the barn and forcing a cancellation of BOTH the screening on 8/12 AND the publicized rain date of Saturday, 8/13. We will reschedule soon.   All is well at Mossy Bottom Farm, except for the fact that the animals will do … [Read more...]

THE BIRDCAGE (rescheduled)

NEW DATE! Outdoors under the stars and FREE, presented with Christopher Street Financial, Village of Nyack, Rockland Gay Pride Center and Festoon The American remake of the French comedy La Cage aux Folles about a gay man whose son wants him to play it straight for a few days. Everything goes … [Read more...]


Greg, a gangly, sarcastic teenager, and his best friend Earl share a fondness for movies. They remake classic films using stop motion animation and wacky costumes. At the urging of Greg’s mom, the guys befriend Rachel, a classmate with cancer. In unsentimental fashion, the three embark on a journey … [Read more...]

CLASSIC CARTOONS at the Artopee Way Drive-In,

Sponsored by Wright Bros. Real Estate, Village of Nyack, and Rivertown Film, at the Artopee Way Drive-In (AKA Nyack Municipal Parking Lot) FREE Friday, September 18 - 7:45 Rain Date: Friday, September 25 – dusk Once upon a time cartoons were a standard feature before the main attraction in … [Read more...]

THE PRINCESS BRIDE, outdoors in Nyack’s Memorial Park

Presented by Wright Brothers Real Estate, Village of Nyack, and Rivertown Film. One of the greatest stories within a story ever told and a cult film the whole family can enjoy. It didn’t make a big impression when it came out in 1987 but now you’ll find it on any decent list of  the 100 greatest … [Read more...]


Set on a college campus, this comedy is knowing and self-aware. Samantha is a student whose radio broadcasts and viral Internet videos are used to call out the hypocrisies and micro-aggressions experienced by African Americans in their dealings with well-meaning Caucasians. Her campus is a hotbed of … [Read more...]


Meet the Filmmaker: Producer Jared Goldman and Producer/Editor Jennifer Lee A tale of suicidal twins who share an eerie emotional synchronicity, that toggles deftly between comedy and drama. When the married Maggie reluctantly allows her estranged, gay brother Milo to move into her home, their … [Read more...]


Meet the Filmmakers: Gillian Robespierre and Elisabeth Holm. Donna is a 28-year-old struggling stand-up comic from Brooklyn, complete with the requisite potty mouth. After what she assumes is a one-night stand, with a guy who is far from a hipster, she finds herself facing an unwanted pregnancy. The … [Read more...]

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: FREE & OUTDOORS

Rivertown Film and the Village of Nyack will convert the Artopee Way Municipal Parking lot into a FREE drive-in theater, to present the beloved Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory as part of the Nyack Art Collective’s monthly “First Friday” in September, this one candy-themed.   Viewers can sit … [Read more...]