Rivertown Film Presents

Showing: Continuously from 12/9 through 12/18
Title: Rockland in Motion 2022
Year: 2022
Country: USA

If you were to make a short film, what would it be about? Rockland in Motion provides an answer from fourteen of our Rockland County neighbors. Filmmakers have been living and working in Rockland County since early in the silent era, some providing their talents to the commercial film and television industries, others working independently, and many doing both. Some see themselves as artists, often working in disciplines such as visual art, photography, dance, or poetry, as well as film. Others see film as an extension of journalism. And many have focused on specific skills that earn them a living within the film industry, such as directing, producing, cinematography, editing, and designing. Rockland in Motion reminds us that a wide range of filmmakers live and work in our communities, that they contribute to local culture and commerce, and that making and understanding visual media is an important part of a good education.

ROCKLAND IN MOTION 2022 is FREE and will begin streaming on December 9 and will run through December 18. Donations are accepted and will help provide for Rockland in Motion 2023.

TO VIEW ROCKLAND IN MOTION visit our Virtual Theater, HERE. You’ll receive a receipt / link to the film (the “watch” page where you “bought” your free ticket). Save that email so you can return easily! You will have 3 days to start watching, and once you start you can watch as often as you want to for the next ten days. Watch them all at once, or come and go as you please. In the description below the viewing window, you’ll find the order of the films as well as the time at which they appear in the program, so you can easily find what you are looking for. Having technical problems? Please use the “need help” link at the upper right of the page. You’ll be taken to a FAQ page (where you can find instructions for connecting to your big screen TV) and a link for live chat support that works really well.

MEET THE FILMMAKERS at a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, December 13 at 7:00pm. Who are our filmmakers and why did they choose to tell this story? Find out by registering for the zoom, HERE


Dance To Me Is …, by Herve Alexandre
My Pal, NY, by Emma Caster-Dudzick and Charles Caster-Dudzick
Path of Pieces by, Charles Caster-Dudzick
The Fabricator, by Frank Vitale
Let’s Answer Some Prayers, by Truth To Power
Backstage Pass: Carnival of the Animals, by The Dancers and Musicians of NYC Ballet
Bronx Magic, by Marta Renzi
Letter to Marc Chagall, by Michael Nevins
Glooscap and Noogami, by Conor MacFinn
Drawn Together, by Peter O’Brien
Patricia, by Juliana Roth
Everything Was the Same, by Madeline Wennerod
Left Alone: A Tribute to Eric Dolphy by Shades Repertory Theater – A Multicultural Theater Company
The Unquiet Dead, by John Gray


Dance To Me Is … (3:50, dance), by Nyack Center Youth
Dance class is always full of energy, and the kids did not shy away from showing their dance moves on camera. After an introduction to filmmaking, the youth transformed some of their dance sessions into film sessions. Everyone couldn’t make it for one specific day, so we shot during two to three different days, so no one was left out. After we got our dance footage, all the kids recorded a voice-over expressing what dance means.

My Pal, NY (2:37), by Emma Caster-Dudzick and Charles Caster-Dudzick
Emma Caster-Dudzick is a Nyack-raised artist currently living in Brooklyn and attending Brooklyn College as a candidate for a Masters in Fine Arts. Charles Caster-Dudzick is a multimedia artist specializing in animation, film, and design. He attended Brooklyn College, is a member of USA Local 829, and has worked in NYC Film/TV for nearly a decade. http://ecdart.com, http://charlesmakesthings.com

Path of Pieces (2:05), by Charles Caster-Dudzick
A young woman dances between two street corners, the path home lost. Half animated, half live action; rendered in surreal scissors-and-glue style video collage and set to a ferocious musical score, the dancer finds that special things happen when you get lost in the city. Charles Caster-Dudzick is a multimedia artist specializing in animation, film, and design. He attended Brooklyn College, is a member of USA Local 829, and has worked in NYC Film/TV for nearly a decade. http://charlesmakesthings.com

The Fabricator (7:00), by Frank Vitale
A masterful meditation on the life of craftsman Loren “Dink” Stalter, resplendent with images evocative of Hudson River School artists more than a century ago. Frank Vitale is a ‘filmmaker,’ often a solo shooter. He taught film production at the School of Visual Arts for 40 years and has now graduated to being a student in the SVA social documentary MFA program (and loving it). vitaleproductions.com

Let’s Answer Some Prayers (1:44), by Truth 2 Power in partnership with Ramapough Lenape Nation.
Ramapough Lenape Nation receives historic land deed from settler family interested in unity and reconciliation. http://vimeo.com/Truth2Power

Backstage Pass: Carnival of the Animals (10:00), by The Dancers and Musicians of NYC Ballet
A pandemic movie gift for the people of New York. Directed by multi-genre artist Ron Wasserman. You can follow his adventures at www.trilaterus.com

Bronx Magic (5:00), by Marta Renzi
The everyday magic of movement is everywhere in a Bronx neighborhood. Near the ice cream truck, under the elevated train, and at the subway station, everybody becomes part of the daily dance. Marta Renzi has directed over 3 dozen short films since 2005, and completed her debut feature film in 2017.  Twice in the 80’s Renzi was commissioned to direct half-hour video dances which were broadcast on PBS. A Renzi piece has been included in every Rockland in Motion since its inception.http://martarenzi.blogspot.com

Letter to Marc Chagall (15:00), by Michael Nevins
Letter to Marc Chagall is based on a Polish poem about the Holocaust written about 1960. The famous artist Chagall to whom the poem is addressed made five illustrations for it which are projected as actors read a translation of the poem.
Michael Nevins is a resident of Piermont who at age 85 conceived and produced this, his first film.

Glooscap and Noogami (2:00), by Conor MacFinn
A computer animated re-retelling of the Mikmaq creation story. C. A. MacFinn is an award winning animator and filmmaker.  His film have been screened in over 50 festivals around the world, including a nomination for Glooscap and Noogami at Red Nation International Film Festival and Awards.

Drawn Together (4:00), by Peter O’Brien
A young boy sets off on an afternoon adventure with an enchanting mutt. Peter O’Brien is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker. He has directed feature films  (Misery Loves Company (2012) and Running Through Darkness (2018)) among various shorts, documentaries, and music videos through his production company, Visually Hidden. Website: https://visuallyhidden.com/

Patricia (15:15), by Juliana Roth
A conversation with Patricia Malarcher, a textile artist and writer. She is a contributor of articles on craft to the New York Times and the former editor of Surface Design Journal, considered the primary thought-leading publication on the contemporary textile medium. Patricia is a short documentary filmed entirely on an iPhone. It was created for a mobile filmmaking series New Women Space with Kayko Donald and premiered earlier this year at Teatro Lateo. Juliana Roth is a writer, filmmaker, educator, and performer born and raised in Rockland County, NY. A 2022-23 Susan Kamil Emerging Writer Fellow at the Center for Fiction, her web series, The University, was nominated by the International Academy of Web Television for Best Drama Writing and screens at survivor justice nonprofits and universities across the country. Currently, she writes the newsletter Drawing Animals (subscribe here: www.julianaroth.com/drawinganimals) featuring essays, interviews, doodles, and podcast episodes celebrating our interconnection with nonhuman animal life. She teaches writing at New York University and is a participating artist with Creatives Rebuild New York.

Everything Was the Same (2:00), by Madeline Wennerod
A visual poem about a woman returning to her quaint home after a long time. Madeline Wennerod is a sixteen year old filmmaker who attends Tappan Zee High School. She is interested in screenwriting, camerawork, and editing. She has made several films, and  attended the SUNY Purchase Filmmaking Pre-College in summer 2022.

Left Alone: A Tribute to Eric Dolphy (4:00), by Shades Repertory Theater – A Multicultural Theater Company
A filmed Tribute to jazz great, Eric Dolphy as his untimely passing. Starring: Dimitri Dewes, Jr. and music performed by Erik Lawrence. Shades Repertory was founded in Rockland County in 2002 by playwright Samuel Harps. Shades Repertory Theater has produced over 30 plays by new and established playwrights, and has staged such classics as A Raisin in the Sun and August Wilison’s Radio Gulf. This is Shades Repertory Theater’s 5th film, and second in a series on jazz legends. http://www.shadesrep.com

The Unquiet Dead (13:12), by John Gray
A therapist treats an unstable young woman who claims to be harassed by an assortment of malevolent spirits – who seem to want something from her. John Gray, a long time filmmaker, is the creator of the CBS series GHOST WHISPERER, and a resident of Nyack. Website: JohnGrayOfficial.com

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