January 18, 2017

Upcoming Films


An intimate portrait of the groundbreaking artist Elizabeth Murray, only the fifth women to have a career retrospective at MoMA. The film explores the relationship between Murray’s family life and her career, while reconsidering her place in contemporary art history. Verité footage, home videos and excerpts from her journals (voiced by Meryl Streep) reveal the […]


Meet the Filmmaker: Bill Siegel, via Skype Muhammed Ali was the most famous, loudest and baddest of Americans to refuse to serve during the Vietnam War. His embrace of Islam— specifically the Nation of Islam— led to his stance on the war amd his journey to the Supreme Court. There is no smoothing over the […]

The 3rd Annual INSPIRED!

  The creative process is a mystery, known only to the artist. Or is it? Not always. On Saturday, February 25, Rivertown Film gives our guests a peek into this “mystery.” Thirteen artists from various disciplines—photographer, filmmaker, singer, dancer, sculptor, painter, actor and more—reveal in rapid fire what inspires them via 10 slides at 20 […]